My goal for today is to help you increase your Spanish vocabulary. I have a list of common Spanish words and phrases. There are a total of 7 common Spanish words and phrases on this list. I have also included example sentences along with the translations. These vocabulary words cover the topic of “cleaning and care.”

1. La lavandería – The laundry
Ayer llevaste la ropa a la lavandería.
(Yesterday, you took the clothes to the laundry).

2. La mancha – the stain
La mancha morada no se quita.
The purple stain does not come out.

3. La plancha – the iron
No puedo encontrar la plancha para planchar tu ropa.
I cannot find the iron in order to iron your clothes.

4. La zapatería – the shoe store
Voy a la zapatería para comprar zapatos nuevos.
I am going to the shoe store in order comprare levitra online sicuro to buy new shoes.

5. Coser – to sew
A mi abuelita no le gusta coser.
My grandmother does not like to sew.

6. El gancho – clothes hanger
Ese hombre siempre cuelga su abrigo en un gancho.
That man always hangs his coat on a hanger.

7. Fregar el suelo – Mop the floor
Fregaste el suelo ayer?
Did you mop the floor yesterday?

You should be aware that in some Spanish speaking countries, the Spanish word for “clothes hanger “is “percha” instead of “gancho.”

For teaching Spanish words to children, I recommend Flip Flop Spanish Flash Cards: Verde by Señora Gose (designed by a bilingual mother of five). For adults who wish to increase their Spanish vocabulary, I recommend Learning Spanish Like Crazy which will teach you both formal and informal vocabulary.