There are several misconceptions that many of us have about starting a home based business. Frequently, these misconceptions can be traced to the lure of the get rich schemes that seem to be all too frequent. Starting a home based business is not like inheriting a large sum of money from your rich uncle, who probably doesn’t exist. It is going to take a lot of hard and persistent work to make it successful. There are far too many get rich schemes available to distract the home based business owner into potentially becoming a victim of the pie in the sky over promised but under performing so called opportunities. These easy promise schemes should send up a red flag. It would be best to learn to ignore them and quickly realize that like the rest of the business world, your homed based business will succeed by hard, consistent work.

Another misconception is that you can’t make any money from a home based business. A recent survey reported 먹튀검증 that most home based business owners work less that 40 hours per week and the average income was $60,000 per year. The secret is to provide a product or service that people will buy and learn to serve your customers so that they will return to you in the future.

Another misconception is that home based businesses have inexpensive start up costs. When you consider the costs involved in your computer, phone, printer, and internet service, this may range from $3000 to $9000. Even though it may not be as costly as a new car, for the individual home based business owner, these initial costs may be difficult to find. In addition, you may have added costs in education and affiliate memberships. On the average, it is best to have available funds three times what you think they might be.

And finally, another misconception is that once you get out of the original nine to five job, that you can never go back to it. Frequently, many potential home based business owners will decide not to leave their nine to five job for fear that they will never be able to get another job. Actually, even if you decide to discard your home based business, you may find that you are a more valuable employee and in more demand due to the experience and clients that you developed during your home based business job.