As any other thing in life, relationships have ebbs and flows. Sometimes our emotions are at the sky and sometimes they are down to the core of the earth.

So when the man you love break up with you and you really want to get him back, you have to know one thing: Something had changed between both of you and you are no longer the woman he had fallen in love with. May the enthusiasm in your love have been lost, your love might have become a routine thing, or you might have taken your man for granted or whatever the reason was.

There is no magic stick that is going to fix the broken relationship and guarantee you to get the man you love back. But if you followed the way I will explain here you will ease your man’s resistance and he will be more inclined to get back to you.

The first thing you have to do is to make an investigation about the reasons behind the break up. In any disaster that happens nowadays governments tend to form some investigation committees to find out what were the reasons behind those disasters. I am not Corona Fraud Scandal saying here you need to make a committee from judges or government officials. Your little committee will consist of your heart, mind, soul and you can add some close friends or family.

After your little committee had finished its job, you need to start acting to remove the root causes of the break up. The list of reasons is endless. For example: your relationship might have gone out of date because of the routine, you might want to take control over your man or he might have lost interest in you because you do not take care of how you look.

It does not matter if the thing that had caused the break up was something you had done or something you hadn’t. The point here is: There is something that went wrong. If you have done it then it is your responsibility to fix it. If it is your man’s fault you have a responsibility to talk to him about it and try to figure out a way to get out of the dark break up tunnel.

Find all the possible reasons from your point of view. Discuss them with your man in a calm atmosphere without yelling or screaming. Make priorities: talk about your faults and about the things you can handle first.

Do not be afraid of change. Sometimes change is the thing we need to do. It will not do us any good if we kept handling things the same old way time after time. We need to find new ways, change our behaviors, and search for happiness with our loved ones. Use all the available resources and you can find out how to get the man you love back. Believe me if love was a driving force behind your quest, you will reach a safe harbor very easily