Orthodontic dental insurance is a policy which is designed to provide protection in the event that the insured person needs braces or other dental care such as alignment of the teeth and jaw. Unknown to most consumers, orthodontic care is NOT covered by a standard dental insurance plan. You must buy it separately.

Like regular insurance, orthodontic dental insurance requires you to enter into a contract with a dental insurance provider where you pay a set monthly premium in order to get additional coverage on specialized procedures. These insurance plans will pay up to a certain amount of the cost of the procedure, many times up to 50 percent of the orthodontic costs. Regular dental insurance usually does not pay this much if they pay anything at all, since orthodontics are considered cosmetic procedures by many companies. There are instances where it is considered a necessary procedure but you cannot count on that happening จัดฟัน.

If you look at the numbers, average dental care in the United States costs people around $200 a year. Orthodontic care can cost a few thousand dollars a year. This alone is enough to convince most people to pick up an extra insurance policy for orthodontic care. Braces, additional equipment, checkups, x-rays, casts, adjustments, retainers and other items are expensive, and if you have more than one person in your family needing braces you are looking at paying out a lot of money. Most basic dental insurance plans cover only up to $1,000 per year and you have to pay the rest.

If you have dental insurance coverage, contact your provider to see what they cover when it comes to orthodontic care. Find out what your maximum benefits are and how claims are filed. Even if they do cover care you may need to consider a special orthodontic dental insurance plan. It will cover all of the costs associated with visiting an orthodontist, and some plans even cover damage to the braces or equipment that require new items to be made and additional work to be performed.