The primary function of the steel producer is to fabricate the steel that will be used for the building structure. One can simply say that a steel producer is a metal worker who uses the best steel in his shop. Steel that is fabricated by the producer and machineries is called pre-fabricated steel or pre-manufactured steel. This is the steel that you will find in most of the constructions and it is mostly preferred and used in North America because it is cheaper than the normal galvanized iron or steel. When you are buying steel from steel producers, you will notice that each manufacturer has his own way of telling the quality of the steel.

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There are three types of steel making processes that are commonly used by steel manufacturing companies; thermal spray coating, roller coating and integrated steel manufacturing. Thermoplastic coatings are also used by some of the steel manufacturers to give the steel an appealing appearance. Thermal spray coating is a thermoforming process that gives the steel an automatic white finish and makes it look like it has been baked in an oven. Roller coating on the other hand, uses hot and cold water that is forced through a roller that is then drawn across the steel while the water gives the steel an attractive gloss. Integrated steel making is a type of process that uses high pressure and high temperatures to produce steel products that are stronger, lighter and much more durable.

Electric arc furnace or better known as the EAF is the most popular electric mill that uses to produce steel bars in different sizes. There are two types of electric arc furnaces namely dry coil and wet coil. The dry coil process uses gas to create heat which melts the steel while the wet coil process uses water. Electric steel mills also use hydraulic machines that use water and pushes it into the electric arc furnace. As a result, the heated gases go into the top of the electric arc furnace where the water condenses back to form the steel bar.

Hydraulic steel producers are generally used by construction companies for large production runs. These mills work by using two shafts namely a start up shaft and an electric arc furnace. Electric roll forming also known as RCT ovens are used by many steel producers. These ovens can only be controlled via a computer system. They are also very expensive and are more suitable for large production runs. In addition to these, there are also plasma cutting and press brakes that are used by these types of mills

Blast Furnace is one of the most popular types of steel making process. It is a blast furnace that creates hot air and blast into the steel making it hard and solid. In addition to blast furnaces, there are also electric boilers, pipe benders, wire rollers and wire feeders. All these machines help in increasing the speed of production and increase the level of quality.

Mini Mill: Mini-mills are generally used for the production of less complicated tasks like drilling, boring and cutting. These types of machines are generally found in water treatment plants. They can be used to manufacture bricks, concrete and sandstone.