Human beings are creatures of habit so it’s important to make it a habit for yourself to scan and look for items around you that you can use to take someone out in self defense situations. Take a second and look at the room you’re in right now. What could you use as a weapon if crap hit the fan? What do you see? There are countless weapons around us every where we go; it’s just making yourself aware of these weapons and how we can use everyday items to take out a threat.

When I am walking down the street or as I enter a room, I instantly scan and look around to see what I could use as a weapon. Now here is the golden rule for making everyday objects into weapons. If you can pick it up use it.

Here are some examples.

Shields: Regardless if someone is punching, kicking, thrusting a knife at you, swinging a pipe or using any blunt object, here are some items you can use as a barrier or shield between you and your attacker and his weapon. Then strike him with these items to disarm him.

Back packs
Duffel Bags
Grocery carts
Cutting Boards
Slash resistant shirts ($250 per shirt and looks steel bite pro like an ordinary long sleeve shirt)
Kevlar gloves (slash/stab resistant gloves allowing you to grab a knife/needle for your enemy)

Trippers: Here are some items that you can use to trip up your enemy either by rushing into him causing him to move back quickly or by tripping him off balance.

Fire Hydrants
Mail Boxes
Newspaper Boxes
Furniture such as a couch/table/chair

When you see people who wear baggy pants and untied shoes, rush them and they tend to trip up due to their own clothing

Once you rush your enemy and he stumbles or trips, continue with your assault because you’re enemy is occupied trying to regain his balance. It is a clear opening for you to finish him off.

Strikers, Slammers & Smashers: Are items that you can strike, smash or slam your enemy’s body with. Here are some examples

Steel toe boots are great for kicking shins with make sure you curl your toes back as you kick or the steel plate may injure your toes on impact.

Umbrellas: Short umbrellas are best when holding one in a closed position hold the umbrella with your hand furthest away from the handle, that way the handle makes impact when you strike someone which is the hardest part of the umbrella creating maximum damage.

Fire extinguishers
Rolled up newspapers

The list can go on and on. If it’s hard and if you can pick it up, use it.

Stranglers: These items will allow you to strangle your enemy and render him unconscious.

Electrical cords

Offensive Tip: When strangling someone, let’s say with a belt, cross the belt so it makes an “X” formation around the neck. Hold the belt with both your hands hanging onto the belt right where the belt begins to form the “X” formation This will give you more leverage in your strangle hold cutting off oxygen and blood flow to the brain much quicker and easier.

Defensive Tip: If you are being strangled either with someone’s arm or with an object such as a belt here are a couple of tips that will save you.

– Tuck in your chin this way you prevent yourself from being “choked out” because your enemy cannot cut of the blood flow and oxygen to your brain. Also by tucking in your chin, you now can bite down on the arm much easier from this position.

– If you are being strangled with a belt, as you tuck in your chin, place one of your fingers in between the belt and your neck and pull the belt away from your neck, this way you can maintain breathing and having more time to fight back because there is a gap between the belt and your neck.

– As you tuck in your chin and place one of your fingers in between the belt and your neck, bite or grab a hold of one of your enemy’s’ fingers, and pull and twist them so he releases his grip. Try bringing the fingers to your mouth so you can then bite them off.

Sprayers: Here are some items that you can spray or throw into your enemy’s’ face and temporarily impair his vision with. After doing so, you must immediately follow up with your tactics with full commitment or get away. There should never be hesitation when attacking.

Drinks of any type such as water or coffee can be used, but make sure that as soon as you notice a threat, undo the lid as the person approaches you so you have enough time to throw it into your enemy’s’ face. Then follow up immediately.