Yes and no. Didn’t like that answer? Looking for a clear, unequivocal answer? Sorry, it’s not that simple. You see, like other things Internet-related, it’s easy to get started but harder to do the thing correctly.

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All of the online classified ad sites have very easy posting procedures. Set up an account, write up your car advertisement, add a photo, and you’re done.  That is how much vehicle ad posters leave it. But you can do much better-generate more interested car buyers and command higher prices-if you take five simple steps to improve your online car classified ad.

Tip #1:  Write Up a Substantial Ad
Why limit yourself to ten words when most of these ad sites allow hundreds of words. Write up great sales copy and make your vehicle sell!

Tip #2:  Include Vehicle Specs
Where do you get these specs? Either from your owner’s manual or from the vehicle manufacturer’s website จำนำรถยนต์. But be careful not to paste in all of the specifications, just the important ones.

Tip #3:  Get Your Vehicle Photo Right
Taking vehicle images is an art. But quick two rules apply here: setting and angles. It’s easy to drive your car away from less-desirable settings (your garage, a driveway, etc.) and over to a nice place (a scenic road shoulder, for example). Also, try to get some unusual angles. 

Tip #4:  Learn About Keywords
Keywords are those search terms that potential car buyers enter into a search engine like Google or Yahoo! The reality of selling cars online is that many car buyers can be quite specific about their requests. These extremely specific requests are called “long tail” keywords. If you can include specific keywords (brown, stock, 325i, Jetta, SuperBeetle, lowered, etc.), you stand a better chance of your ad being found.

Tip #5:  Find the Right Online Classified Site
Some online classifieds are worthless for selling your car online. Why? Because they don’t give you enough help in posting the ads correctly. The dark secret of Craigslist is that the main thing going for it is traffic: Craigslist gets a lot of car buyers. But it’s not the best site for organizing and presenting information. The other dark secret is that, in some localities and for some products (apartments, cars, etc.), Craigslist charges quite high fees. So, to maximize your returns, find a free online classifieds site.