STD testing at home: the 10 top Over the Counter STD & STI Testing Kits. Today, there are many different ways to get tested for STDs, some more effective than others. Go behind the curtain and discover what makes the top ten.

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Chlamydia testing at-home kits have come a long way from the early days of offering only a do-it-yourself self test. The new range of Chlamydia testing at-home kits now includes high-tech, disposable tests that offer results instantly. These tests include questions about sexual activity (wet or dry), recent skin contact with a partner who has a certain STD, or perhaps no contact at all. Syphilis testing at home is also available via a single swab. The swab is used to collect a sample of cells from the penis or vagina, or a blood sample drawn from a non-site area (such as the forearm or belly button).

Syphilis testing at home is available in many ways. There are currently many STD clinics and hospitals that offer STD testing in person. If visiting the clinic does not fit into your schedule, or if you do not feel comfortable revealing your intimate areas to another individual, then consider a home version of this test. There are several over-the-counter versions of these STD tests, both over-the-counter and from specialty vendors std test kit. While many of these tests are available for free from a few select STD clinics and hospitals, many others are not and must be ordered through the physician’s office.

A common alternative for STD testing at home is ordering a do-it-yourself home test online. For a small fee, you can receive instant results via mail, or through your email inbox. Most of these online STD tests are available for a variety of STD strains, including genital, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV/AIDS. To order one of these STD tests online, you simply visit the websites of a lab that offers STD testing in the location where you reside. Many of these sites offer options such as online ordering, phone consultations, and even take-home samples.

When ordering an at-home testing kit, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Some at-home testing kits are specifically designed for women, while others are only for men. Other STD testing kits are specific to one gender or the other, depending on their accuracy. You should also make sure that your chosen STD testing kit will provide you with results in a timely manner. For example, many of the newer STD testing kits will give you the results via email, so that you can keep your own personal record of your condition and progress.

If you suspect that you have a positive diagnosis of STD, you will want to seek out an at-home kit from a reputable STD testing center. Take the time to research a STD testing center that will offer you accurate and quick results. Choose a clinic that has received good feedback from past clients. Also, look for clinics that offer discreet ordering, so that you won’t have to worry about telling anyone else where you went to have your test done. Finally, find a testing center that can offer lab services, so that you can be tested right in the comfort of your own home.