HTC are offering the public a great range of mid level smartphones this winter with the new Rhyme handset and the Desire S being the key models in the range. These two phones both offer a good specification with the Rhyme aimed at female users while the Desire S is a great option for all types of user. We take a closer look at both models.

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There is little difference between these two models for size but the design of the handsets does vary. The HTC Rhyme is available in two colours which are designed to appeal to females. The phones standard colour is an attractive shade of purple but there is also an unusual gold finish available. It is not only the colouring of this model that makes it different from its siblings. A range of accessories are available to make the day to day use of the phone much easier. The most innovative of these accessories is the Charm Indicator. This is a long cord with an illuminating jewel on the end. This is designed to help the user respond to a call or text when the phone is buried in a handbag. The cord enables the jewel to be clipped to the outside of the bag to act as a visual alert. The HTC Desire S is more traditional in its design. It offers a rugged and stylish finish thanks to its aluminium unibody shell. The model boasts neatly curved corners and a screen that dominates the fascia which helps keep the overall size down to a minimum. Speaking of size the Rhyme is the slimmer model of the two at 10.1mm which is 1.5mm thinner than the Desire S. Both of these handsets are appealing but in totally different ways. Whilst the vibrant colours and the slim profile of the Rhyme stand out the more durable metallic finish sported by the Desire S is its main attraction superslot.

Putting the design of these models to one side and focusing on the specification it is evident that both of these phones offer some superb facilities. Speed is great on both models with the HTC Rhyme incorporating a powerful 1Ghz processor together with an Adreno 205 GPU. This is an identical set up to the Desire S leaving little to choose between the two for speed of operation. The Rhyme does offer a more substantial internal storage capacity of 4GB which eclipses the 1GB on offer with the Desire S but both handsets do feature a micro SD card slot which enables expansion by a further 32GB. Taking a look at the media facilities available both devices can capture 720P HD video footage together with 5 mega pixel still photographs. A range of features accompany the camera feature including autofocus and an LED flash but the Desire does feature image stabilisation which is not present on the Rhyme.

If you look a little lower than the likes of the HTC Sensation XE and XL you will find these two models in the range. They are practically mirror images of one another when it comes to specification but their different design should see that both models cover all manner of different users. Whilst the Desire S is very much your traditional mobile smartphone the HTC Rhyme is something a little more exciting that will appeal to both female users thanks to the Charm Indicator and the youth market thanks to its exciting colours.