Remembering and acknowledging a customer’s birthday is a very simple and efficient method to build brand loyalty and image. Market and analytics provider Fulcrum confirmed the full aspect of that with the results of their recent online survey.

The evidence comes from a resend online survey that indicates that 74 percent of customers appreciate more highly a company that sends them an e-mail birthday card. More than 80 percent of the customers who react positively also exhibit increased loyalty to the brand anthropologie birthday coupon.

Most importantly, a birthday greeting to restaurant customers influences positively 92 percent of them. Furthermore, 96 percent of these clients exhibit higher loyalty towards a given restaurant. These numbers should be enough to convince any restaurant that a birthday loyalty program will benefit both the customer and the business.

When birthday greetings are combined with discount coupons, they are 24 percent more effective in inducing better consumer opinion for the restaurant. There is a strong positive relationship between that better brand image, future sales and marketing further products and services.

Birthday greetings are not only read more frequently than other messages, but also pose no risk for negative response and come at a zero cost. Due to the fact that a birthday message is simply an option for a customer, they are unable to respond negatively toward the company. It is simply up to them to redeem the reward or not. Also, because it is a simple email or text that is being sent there is no cost, which is a huge bonus for the company, it is essentially a free loyalty card and marketing campaign.

Many businesses have already started taking advantage of loyalty programs to boost the business-customer relationship. Mobile devices has allowed for a much easier execution and integration of these programs, mobile affords for easy digitally tracking of points and redemptions.

When signing up for loyalty programs most business ask for your date of birth already, so by this point it is just a matter of storing that information and creating an alert that automatically send to your customers on their birthdays; either by phone or email.

MenuDrive stores the data of those customers that register with your business, creating a database that you can use to target first time visitors and loyal patrons alike; and it is fully customizable, of course. Your online ordering software will capture key customer data that you can use for more effective marketing campaigns. Sending automated birthday greetings and coupons is only a small part of what MenuDrive can do to help you further improve brand image and loyalty.