The Irish American Lawyers Association is the largest and most successful business organization of its kind in Ireland. Inc and Co was established in 1761 to provide a platform for Irish emigrated residents to meet and build community amongst each other. It is a not-for-profit organisation with an annual budget of approximately one million Euros. The Inc and Co have developed a uniquely structured business model, which is based on its mission of building links among the community, particularly the families and other important stakeholders. In today’s fast-changing business environment, Inc and Co operate through its four strategic objectives:

Strategic Goals: “We believe that through our partnerships with our affiliates in the real estate sector, the scope for greater participation by the members of our workforce will be facilitated”. These key performance indicators are: employee relations, recruitment of new talent and retention of existing staff. The aim of this strategic plan is to “align” the interests of the workforce, Inc and Co shareholders and the wider community in terms of how the business is run and to maintain the high standards that have been attained by the organization from its formation. The strategies also aims at enhancing the skills of its employees, so that they can manage the business effectively.

Marketing and Branding Strategy: “We believe that establishing a consistent image of value will encourage the clients to engage with the services offered by us and develop a positive view of what we have to offer”. The marketing strategy is geared at building on the strong foundation of its value, which is the superior business strategy, the superior product and the great customer service. In addition to this, branding is a vital ingredient in modern real estate, as it presents a visual representation of the business and helps to differentiate it from the competition.

Real Estate Management Strategy: “The management strategy is to continue to evolve and be highly visible in the industry, while continuing to focus on ensuring our members maximum exposure. We will continue to take advantage of the emerging trends and practices as they become available.” The real estate agents at Inc & Co are aware of how essential it is for them to stay ahead of the market trends and so they work in coordination with other professional real estate agencies. They strive to provide the best services to their clientele and keep abreast of the latest trends that may affect the real estate sector in South Africa. They work closely with their professional peers to achieve the above goal.

Financial Strategy: “Our revenue streams include a mix of retail and office rent, which provides us with an income that is stable, diversified and lucrative”. Apart from that, real estate agents at Inc & Co understand that the success of any business largely depends on its ability to capitalize on all its assets and thus, have cash flow that is regularly replenished. They carefully monitor financial performance and take all necessary steps to ensure that the business is not adversely affected. They also strive to build and strengthen their core network of dealers and owners. This is an important part of their business that is crucial in ensuring a long term sustainability.

Customer Service: “Our agents have the knack to make a prospect feel at ease. They are constantly on the look out for new customers and constantly striving to equip them with the latest in information technology. They always make every customer feel at ease by providing them with guidance and understanding.” Apart from these, real estate agents at Inc & Co understand the significance of social media marketing. Through such measures like Facebook and Twitter, the real estate business can attract more visitors and thereby increase its clientele.