“We Are Caribou: A Secular Pilgrimage” by Donald MacDonald is a book about spirituality, God, and the realities of spiritual practice that many have not yet experienced. The book’s first chapter is devoted to a meditation on St. Michael and St. Jude that provides the impetus for the book. In the meditation, Donald MacDonald states, “We are all walking ghosts,” walking spirits of our past lives that are intertwined with each other, yet separate from each other. This past life haunting can be a continuous thing, and if we do not learn how to be free from it, we may stay stuck in our own miserable souls. While the meditation is brief, it provides an important introduction into what the book is about.

The second chapter “We Are Caribou: A Secular Pilgrimage” goes into more detail about what the book is really about. We Are Caribou talks about Spiritism and then goes on to describe the spiritist practices that they believe are necessary components to spiritual practice. Spiritism was founded on the works of Sartre and Lacroix. Spiritism is based on the idea that we have a spirit possession, a spirit guide, and a spirit world We Are Caribou.

The third chapter goes into explaining how Spiritism differs from other spiritual practices. Unlike other spiritual practices, Spiritism believes that the spirit guides all people, not just some people. This makes it different from most pantheons, which believe that god guides only selected people to earth and that everyone else goes to heaven. Spiritism believes everyone has access to the same spirit, whether they believe in it or not. It also teaches that all people have the ability to communicate with all other people via telepathic communication, which can be done through binaural beats or recorded sounds, for a fee.

The book then explains how to become a Spiritist. To become a Spiritist is similar to how to become an aromatherapist: you must do the research and learn the practices. The book explains how to become a Spiritist by studying the teachings of an established tradition, such as the Association of Independent Spiritists (AOS), and then researching the beliefs and practices of Spiritism. Once you know how to become a Spiritist you will need to find a qualified mentor who can mentor you into becoming a Spiritist. The book goes into explaining what a Spiritist does when they are not using their abilities.

In The Spirit of We Are Caribou, the author shows us how to live our lives according to the spirit world. It says that we live our lives by finding out where our spirit connection to other people is, then we get in touch with that spirit connection, either through a binaural recording or through telepathy. Once you are in touch with the spirit world, you become part of the community of people who share your spirit and life experience. People from around the world gather for group events and activities to share their experiences with one another.

This book explains how to get in touch with your spiritual side by reading the stories of others and listening to their stories. If you are looking for a way to help yourself, this is the book for you. The Spirit of We Are Caribou will help you understand some of your basic beliefs, as well as help you connect with others. The book gives you an insight into what your spiritual role is supposed to be, how to become more aware of it, and how to work towards being in harmony with your spirit. If you have been struggling with your spiritual beliefs, this book will open your eyes and help you see how you are limiting yourself and allowing beliefs to control you.