cupom pichau

Cupom Pichau is a great Thai restaurant that you should not miss in Phuket. It is located in Patong Beach in Thailand, a popular beach destination in Phuket. The restaurant is run by two people, Executive Chef Tong Hon Lim and his wife, Food and beverage manager Natchina. They have been in the business for almost 10 years and are considered as one of the best restaurants in Phuket. They serve quality food at competitive prices. It takes a while to get their food because it is made from fresh ingredients and then it is cooked to perfection.

You will never get boring with their variety of dishes. There are a lot of vegetarian dishes, Chinese traditional foods and also traditional Indian meals that they offer. When we talk about traditional Chinese food, we mean dishes such as stir-fried vegetables with garlic, ginger and scallions and served with fresh coconut milk or lime. If you want to try something really unique, try the Cha meal which is made from noodles, meats and vegetables with spicy peanut gravy and served with steamed broccoli.

When it comes to Indian food, there is nothing like the Cha meal that is made from rice, chicken and vegetables and served with steamed broccoli. When it comes to Thai food, you will never go wrong if you order Appam Koh Phangan or fried seafood with fresh coconut milk. In fact, you can even get lunch trays with lots of different salsas and condiments on it. If you are not into seafood, there are also a lot of other dishes that you can try. Just make sure to order coconut milk whenever you are eating a heavy meal.

The friendly staff of Cupom Pichau always make your experience a pleasant one. They are very helpful and attentive and even ask if you have any problems with your food. They also serve you freshly made juices and waters and sometimes they prepare the food themselves. You can have either plain water or they also offer other refreshing options such as ginger juice, coconut water, and lemonade. You can order fruit juices here as well.

The restaurant serves international cuisine that consists of Indian, Chinese and Italian dishes. The prices are very reasonable and are very affordable. You can have a lot of different meals in this restaurant, which you can order according to what tastes good for you. If you happen to be vegan, they offer non-vegan food and you will be able to find several vegetarian dishes too.

As far as beverages are concerned, you can order frappes, coffee, or tea. You can also have a variety of choices when it comes to the beverages served here like strawberry, peach, carrot, lemon and more. You can also request fruit juices here with fresh coconut milk. With all this you can easily see why this restaurant is so popular among people from all walks of life.

When dining at the Moonlit Cottage, you can also sample their homemade baked goodies. They offer banana nut cookies, brownie, nut filled tarts, and many more. If you happen to miss your desert, they also have cupcakes and pies available. There are also organic desserts available for you. For instance, if you are having a birthday party, they also have cupcakes frosted with cupuacu and coconut cream.

You will not only get a lot of great food here but you will also experience a relaxed atmosphere. Since the restaurant serves authentic South Indian food, you will feel that you are eating right in your own kitchen. Plus, the staff is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable from the minute you step into the restaurant.