Ever wondered what your employees are up to during their break times? Are they chatting and relieving stress or making out with your secretary in a dark corner? Well the only sure shot way you could find out is by installing CCTV Cameras within your office promises to catch them red handed in their indulgence.

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CCTV cameras or closed circuit television cameras are ideal for surveillance at home or in office spaces. There are usually used in department stores to see if any customer gets an itchy palm and stuffs their pockets or clothes with goodies, hoping not to pay for them. They are also used in casinos and gambling centers to monitor each nook and cranny of the floor to identify possible fraudsters or any under the table dealings that might be going on.

Military also uses CCTV cameras for various security reasons and so do home owners who install them for added security or for spying on their philandering spouses. The other places where such cameras find uses are at banks and airports where security is a major concern. CCTV cameras capture video images and transmit them over a network. Unlike broadcast television they do not air their feed public access and the feeds can be seen only on select monitors CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh.

These cameras also allow for remote monitoring apart from offering security surveillance in such environments where human intrusion might not be possible or which are hazardous to humans like nuclear facilities or highly toxic gaseous environments where such monitoring is necessary for ensuring safety. Some of these cameras come with motion sensors or night vision capabilities which let them start recording or relaying data upon receipt of a motion trigger. The night time operation or infra red operation allows them to view details even zero light environments while maintaining stealth where seeing things otherwise would be impossible. An example would be to watch animal behavior in the dark in controlled environments.

*Novel Uses of CCTV cameras among the Public
Many developed countries use CCTV camera systems to monitor the public so as to decrease incidence of traffic violations or prevent crime. Traffic monitoring using such cameras for example, helps direct traffic away from congested segments of the highway so that it does not result in traffic jams.

Criminals are often caught on camera doing what they do best, unaware that someone somewhere is watching them or their acts are being recorded as positive evidence to stamp them as guilty and bring them to justice. The largest human to camera ratio is probably in the UK where CCTV cameras are widely used for crime control and prevention.

*Possible harmful side effects caused by public availability of such CCTV systems
The widespread availability and use of CCTV cameras has a draw back in that they may be used by criminals to gather vital data about other innocent victims. Secretly installed cameras around ATM machines can track the pin number of an unsuspecting user and transmit the data wirelessly to the criminal.

There is also the possibility that hidden cameras might be used by perverts to pry on their victims remotely or record them in compromising positions and use this data to black mail or extort money.

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