If you are a smoker wishing to quit smoking cigarettes, good for you!  You have luckily found this article and will learn which steps you should take to naturally drop your habit!

FDA Orders 10 Companies to Stop Selling Their E-Cigarette Products

Why should you use natural methods instead of what we see on TV?

There are no Reoccurring Costs!  The thing with using products you see on television or at the store that claims they will help you quit smoking are all trying to bring in the cash.  Cigarette companies want you to buy the gums, patches, and invest in other costly methods of quitting.  Why do you think they sell the smoking products as well as the quitting products?  It’s a win- win situation ขายบุหรี่ไฟฟ้า!

Give yourself something else to do besides smoke cigarettes.

I am sure you have hobbies, indulge in them!  Smoking cigarettes is something you do when you are bored.  DO NOT let yourself get bored when trying to quit smoking!  You will notice, if you occupy your time better, quitting smoking will be a breeze.  Do not buy into the hype that quitting smoking is so hard.  The world has been brainwashed by the whole “nicotine is so extremely addictive”.  Maybe it is addictive, but the psychological addiction outweighs the physical one!

Exercise regularly.  You will notice the urge to smoke decrease!

This is proven.  If you are a smoker, drop your cancer stick, and go for a 10 minute jog.  You will immediately want to change how you live.  Most people take this realization and make something of it!  It is the perfect opportunity to quit!  Once you begin exercising, smoking will begin to disgust you!  From that point on, if you have the urge to smoke, go on a run instead!  Problem solved!