With an Apple iPhone on your hand you can watch movies, YouTube clips, music videos, and the like but not including DVDs, because DVDs do not come in an iPhone-friendly format. Many multimedia fans are wondering how to download DVD to iPhone, so they can watch DVD movies in widescreen with stereo sound on their iPhones. Continue reading and you will know how it’s done.

Download DVD to iPhone – Step 1┬áThe first thing is to grab hold of a right converter program. A DVD to iPhone converter program will basically rip the movie from the DVD and convert it into a format that compatible in your iPhone. The main things to look for in a good DVD to iPhone converter program are its converting speed, video and audio quality, and also you need to make sure the program is user friendly. Make sure it can convert all types of DVD formats, and it’s best to choose one that is able to convert other video and audio formats as well, such as MPEG, WMV, AVI, MOV, DivX, XviD, rm, rmvb etc. So it will be very handy when downloading movies in other formats and then put them on your iPhone. Most programs offer free trials these days youtube video mp4 downloader, test them out for free and see if you can download DVD to iPhone easily.

Download DVD to iPhone – Step 2 Once you have the appropriate DVD to iPhone converter program installed on your computer, choose the DVD you want to convert (you can either copy it to your hard drive or just insert it into your DVD drive) and then follow your program’s instruction, convert the DVD files which are often in MPEG-2 and VOB file formats and so on into one of the formats such as MP4 and H.264 that iPhone is able to support. Note that when you download DVD to iPhone, remember to convert both the video and audio files, which are in “VIDEO_TS” and “AUDIO_TS” folders. In such software you can also edit the DVD files that you want to import only a portion to your iPhone.

Download DVD to iPhone – Step 3 Finally, now that you have downloaded DVD to iPhone compatible format, then connect your iPhone to the computer and transfer the movie files through the library of iTunes. Voila! Your DVD is now on your iPhone ready for you to watch whenever you want.

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