A Dozen Hot Tips To Feng Shui Your Workspace” is a DVD by Luanne Oakes. This DVD is an easy to listen to and easy to follow guide to help you understand the basics of Feng Shui home decorating. The first part of this DVD introduces you to the topics of the basics of Chi and Qi. This part explains how Chi relates to Qi, how Chi can be balanced by external sources, and how external sources can affect our own Chi. You will also learn about the various shapes of the Earth and the areas in which Chi balances itself, as well as the specific areas of the home where Chi is weak or abundant.

Next, we move on to the concepts of space and light. You might be familiar with these concepts already, but for those who aren’t, they are quite simple. The shape of a room is determined by the flow of Chi through the available spaces. If Chi flows freely, the room is balanced and harmonious. If Chi is blocked or congested, you may find that the flow of energy is off or restricted within a room. (This is not to say that you cannot bring together a room that is out of balance.)

Another area that you will find described in this DVD is that of light. When the Chi flow is off-balance, it can create dark or gloomy feelings throughout the home. In fact, if you look at most houses today, you will see that many have dark or dingy rooms. By creating positive flow of light, you can brighten up your home, make it feel light and fresh, and even add additional living space. (You might also want to consider changing the color of the walls to make them more welcoming.)

The final topic that you will learn and benefit from when learning about Feng Shui are the colors that you should put into specific areas or rooms of your home. Although many people don’t agree on which colors should be used to represent different aspects of Feng Shui, you will find that there are many commonalities between the colors that are used. Red is often used to represent passion and energy, orange is associated with joy and cheerfulness, yellow is for love and romance, green is associated with nature, and blue is considered the best color of harmony and tranquility. You may even learn that cobalt (a.k.a. “steel blue”) is the perfect color for a man to be.

Although these are just a few of the hot tips to Feng Shui your home, you should definitely take note of them. As you learn more about Feng Shui and how it can be beneficial to your life, you will find that these techniques become second nature. Soon, you will have developed your own techniques so that you can easily use these techniques to create the perfect Feng Shui home.

One other thing that you will learn about when you get this type of book is that you need to think about the placement of objects within your home. In addition to helping you determine what types of Feng Shui you need to place in your home, you will also learn about how to properly lay out the various areas of your house. This is especially important because you need to make sure that all of the corners of your room are properly laid out. If you have an area in your kitchen that is very wide, you may want to leave some of that space available for using as an eating area or a craft space. Other important areas to make sure that your a dozen hot tips to Feng Shui your home that you learn are the proper placement of doors and windows and the placement of ceiling fans and light fixtures.