If you want to build an online store to sell products, you have two main options.

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You can either pay a designer to create your web pages, pay a programmer to set up a database for your products, and find an ecommerce host for your web site; or, you can choose an easy, off-the peg solution which incorporates everything you need in one online store package.

Needless to say, most people who want to build a web store choose the second option, because it is simpler, faster, and usually much cheaper too. With so many potential web entrepreneurs coming online, competition has meant that many powerful but cheap and reliable personal web store services are on offer озон. I recommend an easy and low-cost online store service in the link below, but first let’s think about the features you need before you build your online store.

What you want from the service you use to build an online store the easy way will probably include the following: reliable integrated hosting; templates you can adapt easily for your own needs (to create a great-looking storefront); the ability to add and remove products from your store as you wish; a shopping cart system with real-time payment; and good technical support. These features are the minimum you should accept when setting up your first web store.

So how much does an online web store like this cost?

A standard web store, which incorporates all the features above, will typically start at about $10 a month. Some services will give you the first month free, which lowers your costs a bit. Should you wish to sell thousands of products, rather than just hundreds, or perform advanced customization on your storefront, the cost will typically rise to about $30 a month, which usually gives you credit card payment options for your customers as well (in addition to PayPal).

Experienced web store owners will know that most of the work to make the store a success involves marketing it (not just building the online store), and often a web store provider can help with this through things like search engine submission or pay-per-sale promotion systems, so look for these options too.

Setting up a new web store is now easy enough for everyone, and it costs very little every month compared to the potential returns, so if you want to get started there has never been a better time.