Most men think when you hold Asian woman hand’s it means that she wants to have sex with you. Wrong! They want to hold your hands because they want to get comfortable with you, it means that you are a warm and friendly person.

If you have an idea that you try any false sneaky tactic to get that girl into bed, it will probably end up in failure. It’s because you’re not genuinely interested in that woman. They can sniff out guys that are not true and honest with themselves. You may find these guys are not successful with woman Asian Massage in new york.

To get a woman comfortable holding your hands, try to massage her hands and discuss about the pressure points or if you into palm reading, talk about that too. They love it when someone reads their hands. Once they get use to holding your hands, they will eventually will get more physical with you automatically. Usually, they will kiss you or hug you.

Try it out!

Another important thing you need to do – always clean your hands. You see so many men with grubby hands and with filthy fingernails. Make sure you cut your fingernails and wash your hands with soap – not just plain water. If they see any dirt or smell any foul odor, then your chances with that Asian woman is slim. Also, don’t overdo it too.

When you meet your date, try to remain calm and relax, but do not try to hard to impress the woman. Most guys will try to please the woman too much and sometimes can be too off-putting. Relax and always have fun!