Garden Arbors are an incredibly easy way to add value to any garden or back yard. In fact, adding a garden arbor to any backyard goes a long way to transforming a backyard into a garden! They are so underutilized in ordinary homeowners’ gardens, especially because they are readily available. They also make a great gardeners gift.

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1. They are an easy way to bring a design element into a backyard. Even people who have a hard time deciding about outdoor garden decorations can install a garden arbor and have instant “wow factor”. They are so impressive that friends and family will think you hired a garden landscaper to create your garden.

2. They add height to a garden. A lot of times gardens are at ground level, like most flower beds are. But garden arbors bring the eyes up and create more space for plants to grow, thereby adding another dimension to a beautiful garden Professionelle Hilfe für dein Gartenprojekt. They can make you feel totally surrounded by nature and beauty.

3. Garden Arbors are permanent and will always be there, even if you don’t “tend” to them. Once they are installed, they require no maintenance for years of ongoing pleasure. They can be something many generations of your family can enjoy and appreciate. They could become a favorite “meeting place” or a special landmark, or a place of sentimental memories.

4. Arbors can bring function and direction to gardens by providing seating or inviting entrances to otherwise enclosed areas. They provide a comfortable place to read a book, relax, listen to music, or just spend some time alone reflecting and enjoying the outdoors. They might be a way to draw attention to a particular area within a garden.

5. Garden Arbors are lovely and look good… even in winter when most gardens are dormant. When you would like to enjoy the garden on a bright sunny day in winter, they will add interest and architectural elements that are there, no matter what season of the year!

6. They can help define and create a certain style of garden, such as traditional, Asian, Mediterranean, or English. They can also help you create a contemporary garden design.

7. They can help make the garden look more structured and well tended. They provide a place to attach vines and climbing plants so that the plants don’t get too unruly or overgrown or sprawling all over the place and thereby making the garden messy.

Garden Arbors can make your garden the showplace you want it to be and give you many hours, months and even years of pleasure and joy!