The newest MaxSYS 919 Advanced Diagnostic Pill is just a full-featured, fully-functional Android-based, sophisticated diagnostic tool. That qualified Android tablet presents rapidly and fluid knowledge transmission via the Wireless Minimal Power technology. The MaxSYS 919 posseses an extended memory card with around one gigabyte of storage capacity and is capable of running equally Android OS 3.2 Jelly Bean and the Windows version of Windows Mobile. The unit can also be appropriate for the iPhone and iPad through the Wireless Minimal Power Technology.

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The  Autel MS919 posseses an all-metal human body with a full-range, rear-mounted, fully-accessorized, 7-inch WXGA capacitive touchscreen. It is available with two various designs – the MBLK iBallistic Lithium-Ion (Ionic) and the MBLK Ionistic Lithium-Ion (Ion). The logistic model comes with a accelerometer, a digital compass, measure, temperature gauge, GPS receiver, surrounding light warning and a distance sensor. The lithium-based lithium ion model supplies a bigger and more efficient battery and the newest Doppler technologies which provide faster communication. An original function of the MaxSYS is their dual-mode Minimal Power Consumption.

That multi-touch android-based diagnostic tablet has the capability to upgrade in actual time. With the optional keyboard add-on, consumers can enjoy the advantages of handwriting recognition and record sharing. That tablet is powered by the quad-core Intel processor. The unit goes on the Windows CE os to provide consumers with a fully touch-screen environment. The MaxSYS 919 also functions an expanding storage component and the newest WXGA camera module.

The MaxSYS MSM919 provides you with easy use of the newest efficiency evaluation and program information. Its incorporated WXGA camera and DVR Plus permit you to catch images and videos with superior quality and high quality. The newest SmartMedia Entry technology can help you to control and streamline your press files. The user-friendly program and multi-point help provide you with the flexibility to perform multiple features such as for instance streaming and live-streaming media. You are able to keep and access press files with the aid of a large, fixed-drive bay, and it also helps knowledge backup and recovery.

The Autel Maxisys MS919 Pro supplies a powerful business answer through their high-speed connectivity and versatility. It has been designed to are a whole business program that integrates all of your important business purposes and performs effortlessly with the Microsoft Character GP in addition to the Shine Workbook. The high-end tablet features a strong 8 huge pixel touchscreen display and goes on Windows CE operating system. The MaxISys MSM919 sophisticated partial Wi-Fi card and the WXGA camera component and also a 1.6 mega-pixel switch combined with the regular USB ports allow the device for connecting to the internet easily.

The Maxisys MS919 Pro also comes with a high-speed octa-core wireless processor, the Waveforms Generator, which will be capable of doing random entry storage (RAM) features and random entry knowledge (CRD). That ensures smooth function when it comes to multitasking. Additionally it features a single touchscreen display which will be very user friendly and manage. The unit goes on a twin band GSM/GPRS tri-band switch, which allows it to work effectively even in places wherever EDGE is available.