Britain has always been one of our strongest allies, and it is time to show them the respect they deserve for standing up to the overbearing bureaucratic nonsense of the European Union. Whereas, the EU leadership will most likely put forth spiteful measures to teach Britain a lesson for leaving and thus, shoot one across the bow of future members considering their own exit from the European Union – we here in the US should open them with open arms, and initiate immediate action in a super fast-track trade deal as a “preferred-plus” trading partner.

Brexit and Social Security in the EU – CEPS

This whole concept of a one-world socialist style government goes against nearly everything we here in the US stand for, even if our own government is getting bigger and more onerous by the day. We should show the people of Britain that we agree with them for their Brexit Vote, that we stand in solidarity with their decision and we should apologize for our own President who flew over there to persuade the British People to vote to stay in a top-heavy crony capitalistic, socialist style European Union. We should do this even to the chagrin of the EU itself, and do so under the moral authority of democracy and self-determination over and above all else. Then we will have walked our talk brexit millionaire reviews.

How can we go about fast tracking a trade deal with Britain forthwith? Easy, we set up a task force, start immediate meetings, all televised on CSPAN and we hash out a fair and free trade deal – duplicating and reciprocating tariffs, they tell us their tariffs for imports, we mirror them, all the while insisting on none from either side. No more secret trade deals like TPP, no more hiding facts, just do it now, do it right and do it day of light.

The British had real grievances that the EU would not address, as do other member nations, the British were dealing with economic stagnation and recession which they didn’t create. Britain had laws forced upon it much the same as our Federal Government is forcing laws on our states. Political impasse had occurred and the only way to achieve a sense of right-ness was to leave, so they did. We should praise the Brits for their strength of character in leaving, as well as their intelligence not to be tricked by the doom and gloom scenarios of the media. Maybe this is a real positive sign and a warning to big global government socialists that freedom and liberty are what advances societies, not control freak leadership.