Live Soccer TV is a service that provides live broadcasts of football games including all the matches played in different leagues. The service is provided by various channels, mostly the paid ones, and can be obtained only by paying for a monthly subscription. The subscriber must have a PC connected to high speed internet or a satellite dish for receiving the service. Personal Data collected is stored in the client’s computer.

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Live Soccer TV gathers personal data during the registration, Forum Submission, Email and other related feedback forms. Live Soccer TV can use cookies and links in its website and in emails sent to the subscriber. The subscriber is able to browse all the live matches in the program window and scorecards. These data are then given to the audience either through text message or other multimedia messages. Goals, time gone by, penalty kicks, television stations and networks shown are also listed in the client’s list truc tuyen bong da.

For the purpose of convenience, Live Soccer TV provides a number of useful apps that a viewer can install in his/her mobile devices. It has an application for iPhones and a separate application for Android devices. The iPhone version has a widget which lists the latest scores, while the Android mobile app uses an open source code to access the stats. The web-based app is available free of charge.

A unique feature of the application is the Live Soccer TV Guide, which presents all the live matches listed with timings, scores and commentary. The mobile-friendly ui design allows it to be viewed easily on cell phones. The interface is fluid and the layout is not too small nor too big. The latest version of the app allows the use of the Facebook Connect as well. Other notable apps include SMS Service, SMS Tracker and Android Client.

The soccer TV app gives the user the facility to stream the matches directly to the desktop or laptop PC. For this purpose, a connection is made between the computer and the mobile device. The streaming of live games is done in high definition (HD). Live soccer TV shows the ball position, scoreboards, video highlights and other live action of the match. If you want, you can also purchase the HD version of the soccer TV app for $2.99.

To watch Live Soccer TV, you need a computer with internet connection. Some mobile phones do not have this facility. If you have a broadband internet connection, you can easily watch the streaming live soccer TV app. There is no advertisements interrupting the broadcast.