Many people cite genetic limitations as a basis as to why they can’t improve their vision naturally. Don’t be one of them. Laser surgery has proven that vision can be restored to 20/20 without glasses. Scientists are proving the amazing resilience of the human body.

In terms of its’ ability to effectively fight against germs and foreign substances. In the case of the eyes, they consist of muscles that once strengthened can
improve visual performance; resulting in better vision. Bad vision is environmental; caused by excessive close up work without taking breaks. Because bad vision is environmental it is not just a possibility, but a realistic goal that you can indeed achieve better natural eyesight.

Here are a series of tips to help you improve your eyesight without glasses:

Take herbs that heal and protect the liver. What does the liver have to do with improving your vision? More than Visiclear you can ever imagine. It is the body’s filter system cleansing us of harmful toxins and substances. The same substances that interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the bloodstream that benefit eyesight. The liver and the heart are connected, once you detoxify your liver you strengthen your eyes.

Parsley is highly recommended because it contains Vitamin B2, which contributes to improving day vision. Simply add it as a seasoning when preparing a chicken meal. Bilberries and Blueberries are recognized for their vision improvement benefits. Add Licorice root to your diet. It’s beneficial in relieving inflammation and Mucous and plays an important role in improving vision. You can chew on a small piece of Licorice stick.

Dr. Vinod Verma recommends Licorice as an effective preventative measure especially for people at age 35 because their vision starts to decline around that age.

To improve eyesight naturally, try Palming: In order to perform this technique effectively, rub both hands together until they are warm. Then, without touching your eyes carefully place both hands over your eyes. Such relaxation techniques are part of any effective vision improvement program as it removes tension and stress in the eyes. This exercise may be performed as long as you want. The more frequently you perform this technique the greater the benefit.

Here is an exercise for better vision: Move your eyes in different directions. Imagine that there is a giant square shape. Move your eyes not your head along the edges of this imaginary square shape, pretend that your eyes were a pencil tracing the shape of the imaginary square object from side to side and from top to bottom etc. Perform this exercise 3 times.

If you are looking for a preventative measure that helps you to better your eyesight naturally, the next habit is maintaining good and proper posture. Ensuring that your body is in a relaxed state can release tension and stress. There is a connection between tension in the physical body and the mind as these factors affect our vision.