The most common reason for failure among new house cleaning businesses in lack of initial business. No matter how thorough of a house cleaner you are, no matter how much your customers may love you…if you can’t secure an initial rush of business, you won’t have a client base large enough to stay in business for the long term.

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House cleaning businesses used to rely heavily on phone book advertising. That medium, obviously, is dying fast. Another method was “flyering.” This involves walking through upscale neighborhoods and simply leaving a flyer at the door step of every home. Although this is still effective, it’s not the best use of your time when you have set out to publicize your new home cleaning business Mansions for sale in Miami.

Hour per hour, and minute per minute, nothing returns more phone calls and emails than spending some time at your computer and placing your new business on the websites where (most) upscale homeowners are looking for a good housekeeper: the Internet.

First, Craigslist is a must-do. Craigslist gets massive amounts of local Internet surfers looking for home services like housekeepers, pet sitters, handymen, plumbers, carpet cleaners, etc. Yes, there are lots of housekeepers already advertising there, but if you take the time to write a grammatically correct ad with specific reasons that you are worth hiring, you will get calls and emails. A photo of yourself helps to build trust with your prospects. Also, a discount of 15% for all new clients gives your prospects a sense of urgency to contact you as soon as possible.

Second, Yahoo’s local business directory is free and receives a lot traffic. Be sure to create a thorough entry on and list the cities that you service, a bit about yourself, and photos of yourself as well. You will be the newest listing, and you will have no reviews, so be sure to make your ad unique and stand out.

Finally, Angie’s List is the most trusted source for online reviews, and Angies List customers are the most loyal among all the Internet business directories. You can create a free entry on their list. If you have customers who are members, ask them for reviews. The more reviews you accumulate, the higher you appear on the “list.”

There are many other free online directories to advertise in. Just Google “[your city] house cleaning service.” You will find at least 6 directories on the first two pages.