Sometimes the topic of weight loss can throw up more questions than answers, there is a lot of information out there on the best way to lose weight and it is not all good for you. With a raft of crash and fad diets on the market, along with miracle diet pills, you can easily drift down the wrong path, ending up frustrated and more depressed than ever. Let me answer some frequently asked weight loss questions for you: –

Q: Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

A: After changing your eating habits and exercising more regularly, you may feel you are not getting the results you deserve or things just aren’t happening quick enough for your liking. Two fatal mistakes dieters make are that they try and rush weight loss and their expectations are unrealistic. Our bodies are all different and lose weight at their own pace, you should only aim for around 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week. If you make healthy changes to your eating and exercise habits, and stay consistent then you will lose weight. Rapid weight loss rarely leads to permanent weight loss, so patience is the key.

Q: Why Can’t I Lose Weight Off My Belly, Butt Or Thighs?

A: Sometimes we lose weight, but not from the areas we really want to lose it. You may be desperate to lose the beer belly or shift some pounds from your hips or thighs, but doing endless crunches or squats will not make any difference. It is all about cardio, weight training and a sensible diet if you want to burn fat, and your body will choose where it takes it from. As long as you stay committed and consistent, fat will eventually go from those stubborn areas.

Q: Will Skipping Breakfast Shift The Pounds?

A: Many dieters get tempted to skip meals in order to lose pounds, particularly breakfast. This is a very poor  Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic habit to form, and rarely leads to you permanently losing weight. Your body will start to store fat if you choose to starve it. People who skip breakfast are much more likely to snack and over-eat during the remainder of the day. A healthy breakfast will keep your body functioning properly until lunch.

Q: Why Have I stopped Losing Weight?

A: Sometimes you can find that you stop losing pounds, even though you are exercising and eating a healthy diet as normal. There will be times when you hit a plateau and nothing seems to work. Your body becomes more efficient as you exercise and eventually burns less calories to do the same activities. Try and mix up your exercise sessions and add some real intensity to get your weight loss moving again.

Now that I have answered some frequently asked weight loss questions for you, I urge you to go and achieve your goals. Remember your reasons for wanting to shift those pounds and stay motivated on your quest