Hockey is a team sport often played on ice. It is also sometimes also referred to as Ice Hockey to show its difference from the other variations of the game known as Roller Hockey and Field Hockey. In a hockey game, five players belonging to one team use long sticks with curved ends to drive a small disk of hard rubber, also known as a hockey puck or a hockey ball, from their end of the skating rink towards their opponent’s netted goal to score points. Each team’s goals are guarded by goalies or goalkeepers, which means that there are always twelve players in the rink while the game is ongoing. However, there may be more than six members for every team due to the fact that hockey is a very physical game and reserves are needed to replace injured or tired team members every once in a while. Hockey News

Hockey is not as popular in the United States as, say, basketball or baseball, but it likewise enjoys a solid following. In fact, there are quite a number of people making money out of the game in various ways, the most famous of which is through betting by making predictions as to how a particular match will end. A hockey handicapper is someone who predicts the results of a hockey game. If you want to be a successful hockey handicapper and earn money betting on hockey, here are a few important tips to get you started on making the right hockey predictions.

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NHL hockey handicappers look at a lot of hockey-related data before they actually predict a game’s outcome and make a wager on the team they foresee to win. Among these are the Save Percentage, GAA and success in wins of a goalie. Next are the point scorers and the two-way defensemen on each team. Another important consideration is whether or not a team is playing on their home court or not. Recent injuries, overtime records, GF versus GA figures, and past wins or loses during past face offs of the same teams are also statistics that need to be looked at. Knowing the stats of a goalie is crucial because you want to be aware of how well he could prevent the other team from scoring against them. Information on two-way players, on the other hand, are vital too because you need to know if the team has enough members that could help the goalie tend to their team’s goal while assisting the scorers in making points against the opposing team. Home court advantage is also a thing to look at because when a team is playing at their own rink, they have a better knowledge of its structure and could use this to play better than their opponents. Recent injuries are, of course, self explanatory. Read: do not bet on a team with a star player benched due to broken limbs.

Taking note of the said factors is a really important thing every hockey handicapper must do in order to be successful in making the right hockey predictions. Other than those previously mentioned and explained, there are a lot more factors to look at. So if you want to start making hockey handicapping a profitable business, you must put in a lot of your time, energy and effort in recording statistics, making different analyses for each game, and giving informed guesses every time you make a wager.